Work Requests in Livonia

Blanket Insulation Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Livonia. Learn more about Blanket Insulation Services's recent work requests in Livonia and nearby areas!

Learn more about Blanket Insulation's recent work requests in Livonia, MI
Vicinity of Hubbard in Livonia
Cold floors above the crawl space on the addition to the house
Vicinity of Grove Drive in Livonia
Uneven heat temperatures from first floor to second floor.
Vicinity of Country Club in Livonia
Our kitchen area needs to have insulation installed. It's attached to the garage and facing the front of the house, and it gets very cold.
Vicinity of Deering Street in Livonia
Worried about mold in attic and also need to add spray insulation.
Vicinity of Shadyside St in Livonia
The insulation in my attic looks like old carpeting, not really insulation material. Looking to have it removed and have proper insulation in place.
Vicinity of Stonehouse Ave in Livonia
Looking for estimate on cost for attic insulation 1340 square foot ranch home
Vicinity of Merriman Rd in Livonia
Hi, I got your company details from dte energy contractor directory. I am looking someone one can help us for insulation before winter starts. I would like to schedule to an appointment. Feel free to give me a call when get a chance. Thanks,
Vicinity of Wentworth St in Livonia
Looking to see if my attic insulation is efficient enough.
Vicinity of Northland in Livonia
Attic insulation needs to be re-blown in
Vicinity of Elsie St in Livonia
Looking for evaluation on proper insulation within the home, specifically address the lack of insulation in the attic
Vicinity of Oporto in Livonia
Crawl space
Vicinity of Ann Arbor Trail in Livonia
I have about 1000 square foot ranch built in the mid 1950's with a pyramid style roof. I am looking to add fiber glass blown in insulation to my ceiling and adding pro-vents for better circulation. Looking to do it in the near future and looking for a quote.
Vicinity of Myrna Ct. in Livonia
I want to get quote for attic insulation.
Vicinity of Camden St in Livonia
I need less than 1000 sq feet of crawl spaces insulated. Moisture is a problem. My furnace is in the crawl so I do have to get in there at least 3 times a year.
Vicinity of Fremont in Livonia
Drafty crawlspace that has the pipes freeze for weeks at a time every winter.
Vicinity of Levan Road in Livonia
Interested in attic and above garage
Vicinity of Cleveland St in Livonia
Need insulation in attic, and check for proper ventilation
Vicinity of Marsha in Livonia
Interested in Attic insulation, not sure about energy audit, heard it runs about $400. We have a colonial with family room addition. I am not sure how the family room would be accessed with only recessed lighting holes in ceiling.
Vicinity of Westbrook Ct in Livonia
I'm looking to have my house fully insulated.Please contact me to setup a visit.
Vicinity of Fairway in Livonia
I need an assessment of air sealing for my attic, attic insulation (including a whole house fan) and basement insulation.
Vicinity of Auburndale St. in Livonia
Cold upstairs which doesn't seem very well insulated. Lots of icicles forming during winter as snow is melting from poor insultation.
Vicinity of Sarah Beth Ln in Livonia
Need to get audit on air leakage through doors/windows to save on energy costs.
Vicinity of Iowa in Livonia
I have a home that needs insulating
Vicinity of Seabrook Dr in Livonia
Heating bill is high and feeling drafts in the house. Looking for opportunities to fix and improve.
Vicinity of Orangelawn St in Livonia
10 yr old colonial feels drafty and heating bills have been very high. Looking to make improvements to make home more comfortable and efficient.
Vicinity of Penn St in Livonia
I've just moved into my first house! The first night was a bit drafty, windows have been recently replaced and doors seem very well sealed, but the walls are cool to the touch - from examining a small hole in the drywall, it looks like there isn't any insulation. The ceiling is also a cathedral ceiling, so I am unable to assess the amount of insulation currently in. As the house somewhat holds heat, I would think it must have some. Also, the only insulation in the basement is rim joist insulation. The foundation is solid poured, so the concrete is a bit cool to the touch as well. As a Consumer Energy Gas customer, I'm interested in seeing how I can best utilize their rebates to do some of this work.
Vicinity of Oakley St. in Livonia
We need to add additional insulation to our attic.
Vicinity of Parkdale in Livonia
Blown in attic and wall insulation estimate
Vicinity of Foch in Livonia
Looking to some walls insulated
Vicinity of Ronnie Ln in Livonia
Need insulation between 2 car garage ceiling and master bedroom floor.
Vicinity of Gill Rd in Livonia
Not enough attic insulation would like estimate on cost to add roll insulation to existing
Vicinity of Brentwood St in Livonia
I would like to get a free estimate to have old insulation removed and replaced with new blownin insulation