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In this video, Dr. Energy Saver solves home comfort problems caused by an unsealed, uninsulated crawl space. Watch to see how to make your crawl space more energy efficient!

Crawl space insulation is a crucial and often overlooked facet of home energy efficiency and comfort. The crawl space plays a key role in both of these aspects.

On top of selecting the correct type of insulation and using the proper amount, it is imperative that the insulation is installed correctly. Since the crawl space is a uniquely moist environment, the insulation used needs to be able to handle these conditions.

The specialists at Blanket Insulation Services can help you by examining the crawl space, sealing any air leaks, and then installing superior quality insulation to increase your home’s comfort and promote better energy efficiency.

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Our crawl space insulation services:

  • Free crawl space inspection and evaluation.
  • Free Estimate for crawl space insulation installation.
  • Air sealing to improve comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Installation of rigid foam insulation for insulating crawl space walls.

Crawl space insulation problem warning signs:

  • Cold floors above the crawl space during the winter.
  • During cold temperatures, the heat needs to run continuously to maintain comfort in the rooms above the crawl space.
  • Mice or other pests have nested in the insulation between the joists in the crawl space.
  • Fiberglass batt insulation has deteriorated or fallen out of place.
  • Obvious mold growth or a moldy aroma.
  • The crawl space is always damp.

The wrong type of insulation can be found in many crawl spaces

Fiberglass Insulation

Crawl spaces, especially those with dirt floors or moisture problems, are wet in summer and cold in winter! Crawl space wall and floor insulation can solve all that!

The traditional way to insulate a crawl space involved the installation of fiberglass batts between the joists and vents at either end so that outside air would be able to circulate below the home.

These two factors are the biggest contributors to the problems listed above. Fiberglass insulation isn’t designed to hold up under the wet conditions that are typically found in the crawl space.

Since it behaves almost like cotton, it will absorb moisture and get soggy, then compress and lose most of its R-value. The fiberglass batts in a crawl space normally find their way to the floor in a soggy pile. The only advantage of fiberglass batts is their inexpensive cost, which is null and void when the material no longer functions as intended.

Benefits of Rigid Foam Crawl Space Insulation

  • Stable and reliable. Unlike fiberglass insulation, rigid foam won’t compress, fall out of place or lose its R-value over time. It’s definitely a “once-and-done” improvement.
  • Effective air sealing. When joints between foam panels are taped, rigid foam stops air leaks that can waste energy. Fiberglass insulation can’t stop air movement.
  • Moisture-proof. Rigid foam won’t absorb moisture or be damaged by it.
  • Unfriendly to mold. Mold can’t take hold on rigid foam because it contains no organic food source and it doesn’t hold moisture.
  • Better ductwork performance. Ducts located in the crawl space benefit from rigid foam installed against crawl space walls.

Rigid foam panels provide the best crawl space solution

Silverglo Insulation

Looking good & lasting long. Rigid foam insulation can’t be damaged by moisture and won’t degrade in appearance or R-value over time. In a crawl space, it’s usually installed against the interior face of foundation walls.

In a crawl space environment rigid foam insulation handily outperforms fiberglass batts. Rigid foam comes in panels of different thicknesses, and the installers can cut the panels to fit against the interior of crawl space walls. The panels are attached and held in place by a special adhesive or using mechanical fasteners.

We typically insulate crawl space walls with  foam board insulation . This brings the crawl space inside the building envelope, which improves overall home energy performance. This will also help make rooms above the crawl space more comfortable and can help lower heating and cooling bills.

While rigid foam insulation is more expensive than fiberglass options, it’s actually more cost effective when you consider the benefits of never having to clean up or having to re-insulate an area suffering from damaged or ineffective insulation. Rigid foam boasts the same effectiveness 15 years from now as it does on the first day.

Blanket Insulation Services is your local resource for crawl space insulation

Call or contact us today to schedule a Free Estimate for basement or crawl space insulation services. We proudly offer our services throughout the Greater Detroit area, including Detroit, Ann Arbor, Warren, Sterling Heights, Plymouth, Livonia, Novi, Canton, Dearborn, Clinton Township, West Bloomfield, Ypsilanti, Farmington, Huntington Woods, Berkley, Clawson, Rochester Hills, South Lyon, Farmington Hills, and the neighboring cities and towns in Michigan.

At Blanket Insulation Services, we also offer a comprehensive home energy audit, which we use to fully diagnose the causes of your home's energy issues.

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