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Blanket Insulation Additional Services in Greater Detroit

At Blanket Insulation, we specialize in a number of other services that can help increase your home’s energy efficiency and while promoting green practices. Our comprehensive home energy assessment will identify the precise locations in your home where you are wasting energy. These areas are usually the very places that cause uncomfortable drafts, allergies, cold floors, and more!

Once we’ve performed our custom energy analysis, we can provide a number of additional services for your home.

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement:

Once a roof goes beyond the point of no return, a complete replacement is often the best solution. We provide superior roof replacement services, allowing you to customize your project to deliver the durability and appeal that you desire.

Furnace Replacement/Installation

Furnace Replacement/Installation:

Furnaces lose efficiency as they get older, no matter the type installed. While it might seem easier or more cost-effective to have regular repairs, this only delays the inevitable. Since heating and cooling systems can be as much as 50% of your energy budget, efficiency is extremely important! We can help you select the right replacement for your home’s individual needs.

Water Heater Replacement/Installation

Water Heater Replacement/Installation:

Hot water systems are always a significant contributor to a home’s energy expenses- sometimes as much as 15% of your energy bills. This means that an efficient system can help you cut down your cost while helping you live comfortably. We can help you install the appropriate size heater with the right fuel source to fit your unique situation.

Air Conditioning Replacement/Installation

Air Conditioning Replacement/Installation:

As mentioned previously, HVAC equipment takes up the largest part of our energy expenses, at nearly 50%. This is a great reason to ensure that your system is as efficient as possible. During the summer heat the last thing you’ll want to deal with is an outdated or defective AC unit. When a heating or cooling system has to run all the time without providing you the comfort you desire- it’s costing you money!

Window Replacement

Window Replacement:

Windows in disrepair are more than just an eyesore- they can let in cold drafts which can impact your home’s energy efficiency. We are your local experts for proper window installation, ensuring an effective seal to promote efficiency. Even the most energy efficient windows won’t provide their benefits if they aren’t installed properly. At Blanket Insulation Services, we always complete our projects the right way the first time.

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