Customer Testimonial from Lynda P in Farmington Hills, MI

Initially, we had an energy assessment through Consumer Energy, and based on that we discovered that our insulation was not up to current standards, and other areas were lacking as well.   The house was built in 1963. It is a ranch home on a slab. We had some insulating done many years ago, but felt the family room, which was added by the original owner, was cold.  The insulation was limited up there, plus we stored things up there.  Decided to not use that space as storage, and to insulate the entire house.

Greg Mellas from Blanket Insulation came to our house to help with a more comprehensive energy analysis. In our discussion, we told him about the attic over the addition, and told him that there was some vermiculite insulation installed by the original owner.  Unfortunately, Greg said that vermiculite, in many cases, contains asbestos.  He sent out a sample to an independent company for analysis and it did show asbestos.  They don't do asbestos remediation.  We went with another company for that.  We chose to have it completely removed rather that just contain it.  We were thankful that we had this discussion with Greg, because it was a health issue. 

Greg provided an energy audit report to us, and gave us an itemized list of what could be done to improve the energy efficiency of our house.  This was a list that broke down all the items by price.  He also did thermal imaging of our walls to determine how much insulation was there.  We had our walls done years ago.  There was some settling, but not significantly.  Greg said that it would not be as beneficial doing more in the walls.  The ceiling was the most critical. We discussed the rebates available through Consumer Energy for doing the job.  These rebates are significant - approximately $350.00.  He helped us with the paperwork on that.  He will submit to Consumer Energy, and we will get the rebate directly. We also were able to take advantage of Angie's list discount.

The workers arrived on time and were extremely courteous.  They covered the floor with tarp wherever they worked.  They worked continuously from 9:00 to 5:30 - not even breaking for lunch.  It was hot in the attic, but they worked through it.  Greg came here to do some of the work as well.  They had us inspect their work periodically during the day.  They did an excellent job of cleaning up.

Greg performed a draft door test on the house at the end of the day.  He said there was a significant drop in air flow after the job was done. He was careful to say that a house cannot be completely air tight.  That is a health issue as well. 

We would highly recommend this company. Greg explained everything in detail.  I felt that we were respected, and well informed, and we felt they did an excellent job.  In his report, he gave us estimated energy savings.  Can't comment on that yet, as the heat is off right now, and the air conditioning is not on yet.  We're confident we will see savings.



- Lynda P of Farmington Hills, MI
Tuesday, June 3rd
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