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Blanket Insulation Services Case Studies: Make Home Warmer in winter, cooler in summer: Cathedral Ceiling, Crawlspace Treatment,

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 by Kevin Bailey


This homeowner was experiencing cold and drafty conditions in the winter, and hot and humid conditions in the summer in the bedrooms, kitchen, and living room in the house. The had space heaters running in each of these rooms being regularly used in the winter. What we found in our extensive home energy assessment is a small 600 square foot open, or traditional attic, that covered 60 percent of the home (the bathroom and bedrooms). While the other 40 percent is cathedral ceiling over the living room and kitchen. The cathedral ceiling in this 1960's home had an 8 inch cavity with only 3 inches of batt insulation. The lack of insulation allowed for heat to easily transmit through the ceiling which caused condensation and staining on the ceiling over the living room. There was also a crawlspace that was un-insulated making the floors cold under the kitchen.  


To make the kitchen & living room more comfortable year round, we started with dense packing the cathedral ceiling. As you'll see in the photos, we insulated this cathedral ceiling from the ridge of the roof to access one side of the ceiling. The other side of the ceiling we dense packed from the soffit. Dense pack cellulose accomplishes two things. First, it provides a great air seal because its "packed" into the cavity, not just loosely blown in like a tradition attic blow. With the insulation packed in, the air you're paying to heat won't be able to leak out the house in the winter. You also get enough R-value to eliminate the excessive heat gain that can occur in the summer time when the sun is shining down directly on your roof, radiating heat into your living space that you are trying to keep cool. We made the kitchen floors/basement warmer by spray foam insulating the crawlspace affecting these room. We installed our Cleanspace Vapor barrier over the exposed earth of the crawlspace floor to ensure a good seal. Both areas are now warmer in winter, and will be much cooler in summer.  

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