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Accreditations & Awards

Better Business BureauAngies List 2013 Super Service Award

Insufficient insulation is one of the main causes of energy loss at home. Many people might not realize exactly what this means or how it affects their homes. On top of the discomfort you feel because conditioned air is not properly preserved, you will also notice exorbitant energy bills from overworking your HVAC to no avail.

Blanket Insulation has over 35 years of experience providing high-quality insulation products and services to save our customers money and create a home environment they can enjoy. Our company grew with the rise of the energy efficiency movement, and we are completely dedicated to increasing the functionality and appeal of your home, improving your life in every way! As a new Dr. Energy Saver dealer, we now have national support to achieve our goals. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to work with many types of insulation for your home or business. Their positive demeanor will make you feel at ease throughout the entire process. Let us show you true comfort and incredible energy savings today!

About The Owner

Kevin Bailey Owner Blanket Insulation

Owner Kevin Bailey

Kevin Bailey has over 10 years of experience in residential and commercial construction. He has been with Blanket Insulation since 2008 and has made it a point to learn the business inside and out.

Kevin is very passionate about the energy efficiency industry and the impact that it can have in improving the quality of life for our customers. Kevin is a BPI certified Building Analyst and also has certifications in the areas of Lead Safe Work Practices (LSW) and Indoor Air Quality through the EPA and State of Michigan respectively.

In his personal time, Kevin enjoys spending time with his son, traveling, and is a an avid moviegoer.

Meet Our Team
Recent Testimonials
  • "Kevin is a great asset to your company. His prefessionalism, knowledge, and friendliness gave us great..." Read Full Testimonial

    Michael K. of Wyandotte, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Kevin did a very thorough inspection & estimate. His explanation of the work needed to improve our insulation & comfort was professional & very easy to understand. He also explained rebates we might be eligible for. Guy & his work crew were very friendly & professional. They completed the job in a timely manner. Kevin came out to re-evaluate the air leakage after the insulation was installed & there was marked improvement. Kevin is a great asset to your company. His professionalism, knowledge, & friendliness gave us great comfort in going ahead with this project. Thank you so much!
    Michael K.
    Wyandotte, MI
  • "We were very pleased with our experience." Read Full Testimonial

    Lyndsay B. of Brownstown, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              We were very pleased with our experience. Staff was thorough and knowledgeable and we knew what to expect with no surprises to costs, timeline, etc. The difference in the warmth and comfort of our home was immediately noticeable, proving this to be a worthwhile investment for many years to come.
    Lyndsay B.
    Brownstown, MI
  • "Professional organization from the top down." Read Full Testimonial

    John W. of Harrison Township, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Professional organization from the top down. Very pleased. First class!
    John W.
    Harrison Township, MI
  • "What a great job you did on my home." Read Full Testimonial

    Damon T. of Detroit, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              What a great job you did on my home.
    Damon T.
    Detroit, MI
  • "I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Blanket Insulation." Read Full Testimonial

    Daron M. of Detroit, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Blanket Insulation. The salesman, Greg Mellas, came out to my home in mid March, on time, and gave me an initial estimate for the attic and basement joists. I also indicated that I had the outside walls done 20 years ago and that there might be some settling, which a thermal imaging confirmed. Greg indicated that they could "top off" the walls which increased the price to $3950.On the day of the job the lead technician (Lorenzo) indicated that after drilling a few holes and trying to fill them up, the outside walls would not take any of the insulation, and he did not feel comfortable charging for that component of the job because the outside walls were obviously already full. Another of the technicians, Rodney, also confirmed that whoever had done the walls had done a pretty good job. They suggested that I contact their boss and go with the original job, which they did admirably. The attic is neat, they cleaned up after themselves, and the basement is so neat that I first couldn't see where they had done the work. A good job for a fair price is all I expected, but their integrity and honesty were an unexpected bonus. The guys could have drilled some more holes and charged me for work I didn't need and I would have never known the difference. The character of these men is rare in today's world and I hope these guys get a lot of business. From my experience, I highly recommend Blanket Insulation
    Daron M.
    Detroit, MI
  • "Awesome team work. A job well done." Read Full Testimonial

    Barbara H. of Detroit, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Jonathan and Ethan work well as a team. They get the job done before it is time to. I love the way my house feels after the work was completed.
    Barbara H.
    Detroit, MI
  • "Kyle Taylor went above and beyond." Read Full Testimonial

    Sean D. of Detroit, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Kyle Taylor went above and beyond, giving up his Saturday to complete the work that the weather prevented his crew from completing earlier that week. Even working by himself didn't dampen his cheery personality. He and his crew did a great job.
    Sean D.
    Detroit, MI
  • "Jonathan did a great job inspecting my home." Read Full Testimonial

    Arnold C. of Allen Park, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Jonathan did a great job inspecting my home and performing the blower door test to determine where we were losing heat. The installation crew was polite and efficient, kept me informed of progress and showed me the areas that need attention.
    Arnold C.
    Allen Park, MI
  • "The evaluation that Greg provided was excellent, and eye-opening." Read Full Testimonial

    David L. of Fraser, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              The evaluation that Greg provided was excellent, and eye-opening. Greg was very professional and was able to answer all my questions. We will likely move forward with some of the services that were outlined in our assessment.
    David L.
    Fraser, MI
  • "Mr. Guy Taylor was very pleasant and easy to talk with." Read Full Testimonial

    Susan G. of Center Line, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Mr. Guy Taylor was very pleasant and easy to talk with. He was able to address all of our concerns. Mr. Taylor's knowledge of "Blanket Insulation" was well translated so that we understood every step of way, this upcoming Thursday (4-2-2015). Thank You for sending out your best representative.
    Susan G.
    Center Line, MI
  • "Kyle lead the team with the greatest of confidence and the best of attitude." Read Full Testimonial

    Larry & Susan G. of Center Line, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Blanket Insulation was well represented by sending Kyle, Brian and Cameron. These individuals, especially Kyle, were very knowledgeable in the job with it's many little type problems that arose. He communicated a solution for the team to follow. Kyle lead the team with the greatest of confidence and the best of attitude. He was able to address all of their questions and ours. Kyle was well diverse in the job ahead of him and it's many little quirks. Thank you for the best Team sent to us. We would recommend Blanket Insulation to all that Inquire. Sue and I (Larry) would like to Thank You for a job well done, from start to finish.
    Larry & Susan G.
    Center Line, MI
  • "They arrived promptly, were professional, and took care to lay down tarps" Read Full Testimonial

    Theresa U. of Clinton Township, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Blanket Insulation came to my house March 16, 2016, to insulate the attic over and the crawlspace under an addition to my master bedroom. They arrived promptly, were professional, and took care to lay down tarps, wear boot covers and take all precautions to keep the house clean. The job took about five hours to complete. I guess only time will tell if the insulation did the trick to keep my addition warm and cozy.
    Theresa U.
    Clinton Township, MI
  • "Guy went above and beyond his duties to make sure we were satisfied." Read Full Testimonial

    Janie T. of Warren , MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Guy is remarkable and he also worked with the second crew that came out to make adjustments on our home. Guy went above and beyond his duties to make sure we were satisfied. Thank you
    Janie T.
    Warren , MI
  • "My salesman Jonathan was very knowledgeable about all of your services" Read Full Testimonial

    Terri B. of Warren, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              My salesman Jonathan was very knowledgeable about all of your services. Everything went great with the survey and installation. High marks for the salesman. Ethan and crew were great! Very friendly and went out of thier way to complete my installation. I would recommend all of them for excellent service! Very happy customer! Thanks to all.
    Terri B.
    Warren, MI
  • "Professional and fast" Read Full Testimonial

    Tom M. of Dearbron, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Professional and fast insulation installers. Very thourough. Salesman was detailed and never pressured. Audit was detailed and very complete, with auditor explaining everything as he went along.
    Tom M.
    Dearbron, MI
  • "Blanket Insulation fixed that problem and have given me tremendous peace of mind this winter." Read Full Testimonial

    Melissa G. of Ferndale, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Insulated two attics (one on each side of the upstairs bedroom) with blown in insulation and foam. Insulated the rim joists as well. Their work was really detailed and thorough. The winter prior, my pipes froze any time the temperature dropped below 15 degrees or I had to leave the faucets dripping. Blanket Insulation fixed that problem and have given me tremendous peace of mind this winter.
    Melissa G.
    Ferndale, MI
  • "The workers were very good and clean. Thank you for all your hard work." Read Full Testimonial

    Rathea Z. of Sterling Heights, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              The workers were very good and clean. Thank you for all your hard work.
    Rathea Z.
    Sterling Heights, MI
  • "I highly recommend this service." Read Full Testimonial

    John Z. of Bellville, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              I had Blanket Insulation do a whole house energy audit. A couple days before the appointment, they sent me an information packet with a few forms for me to fill out, a picture of my service person and a description of his qualifications. The day before, they called to confirm the appointment and the day of, the service person Greg, called to make sure we were still on track. Greg arrived promptly at 2:30 PM. He was polite, professional and very neat. His tools and equipment were well organized and he had a jump suit and shoe coverings to keep our house from getting dirty. He was very careful when he went into the attic so the blown insulation did not go all over. He did a thorough job and explained all of his findings. He explained which repairs could be done and whether they would bring a good payback or not. I followed him throughout the inside portion of the analysis and he was very thorough. Greg said he will send a follow up report and we can discuss what makes sense for repairs and also which repairs are simple, do it yourself repairs. The usual price is $300 for this service and I think that is a fair price. He was in our home for 3 hours and he was busy the entire 3 hours. This service for $59 is almost embarrassingly cheap. I highly recommend this service. I had an energy audit done about 10 years ago and paid about $275. This service was much more thorough and the base price is about the same. I am going to forward Blanket Insulation contact information to our Homeowner's Association board and maintenance company. If you want to list me as a reference for your company, I'd be happy to retell my story.
    John Z.
    Bellville, MI
  • "Jonathan was very thourough." Read Full Testimonial

    Chris E. of Belllville, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              My experoence with Blanket Insulaiton was good. Jonathan was very thourough when he was looking to see what I needed. The guys who did the insulation were very good and did a good job.
    Chris E.
    Belllville, MI
  • "I especially appreciate their attention to detail and their respect of my home environment." Read Full Testimonial

    Patricia S. of Southfield, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              The crew arrive promptly as scheduled. This is their second visit to my home. On both occasions, they have been very courteous and professional. I especially appreciate their attention to detail and their respect of my home enviroment.
    Patricia S.
    Southfield, MI

Our Story

Blanket Insulation 1982

With over 35 years of experience, Blanket Insulation’s history is deeply rooted in the energy efficiency movement. Our company began in 1979 as a full-service residential insulation and weatherization contractor specializing in blown-in cellulose insulation. Luckily for us, the energy conservation boom of the mid 1980’s followed soon after our inception.

It was during this time when Blanket Insulation secured its first major contract with Michigan Consolidated Gas Company (Michcon) to provide insulation and weatherization services for its customers. By the early 1990’s, we were providing similar services to customers for the area’s other major utility companies, including Detroit Edison and Consumer Powers. This allowed Blanket Insulation to establish a niche and become one the premier insulation/weatherization contractors in southeast Michigan. Today, we are proud to have continued our traditions and expanded our services to even more deserving customers! To learn more about Blanket Insulation, be sure to check out our Yellow Pages and Angie's List pages.

Blanket Insulation 2010

Blanket Insulation 2010

Our Core Values

Here at Blanket Insulation, we abide by a few core values to ensure the best possible experience for all if our customers. These are:

Our Accreditations, Affiliations, and Awards

We are proud to be recognized among several organizations for our prowess in the industry and excellent customer service record. We are accredited members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Angie’s List, attesting to our customer service skills. We are EPA Lead Safe certified, proving our mastery of safe lead handling. Finally, we are also certified members of Energy Star and the Building Performance Institute (BPI), which means that we have trained and tested to achieve credentialing for our energy efficiency work.

Several of these organizations have awarded us for our efforts. We are a winner of the 2013 Home Performance with Energy Star Award presented by the US Department of Energy. We were also honored with the 2013 Excellence in Energy Efficiency Award from Consumers Energy.

We have been involved in programs such as The Better Buildings for Michigan program and The HEAL Program, which brought awareness on energy efficiency to many homeowners throughout the state of Michigan. Through this awareness we were able to offer whole home solutions.

With the power of our partnerships behind us, we know you’ll be confident in the work we do – and you’ll enjoy the results for years to come!


  • Better Business Bureau
    Better Business Bureau
  • Consumer Energy
    Consumer Energy
  • DTE Energy
    DTE Energy
  • Energy Star
    Energy Star
  • EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm
    EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm
  • Living Efficiently
    Living Efficiently
  • Michigan Saves
    Michigan Saves
  • Simply Insulate
    Simply Insulate
  • Touchstone Energy Cooperatives
    Touchstone Energy Cooperatives
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